From the Archives: Interview with Betty Parsons

Betty Parsons

Betty Parsons

In 1977, Helene Aylon, friend of Betty Parsons, interviewed the then seventy-seven year old artist; the interview appeared that same year in Woman Art Magazine.

This interview, of which an excerpt is posted below, includes conversation between Parsons and Aylon which touches on everything from the artist’s relationship with other female artists to her views on Abstract Expressionism (and many topics in between).

This is an enlightening, empowering interview—and certainly well worth a read!

Read the full interview on our website.

HA: You knew Martha Graham, Marlene Dietrich, and after all, you played tennis with Greta Garbo!

BP: Two or three times. Interesting the way I met her. I was asked on Christmas Eve by her ghost writer, Salka Fiertel. She said, “Come over and we are going to dress the tree.” I got there and Salka said, “go up to the attic and bring down a great big box of Christmas dressings…” So I went up there, and Greta and I stared at each other over the top of the box.

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3 Responses to “From the Archives: Interview with Betty Parsons”

  1. Nancy Natale Says:

    Hello Spanierman Blog Team,

    Thanks so much for providing the link to this wonderful interview with Betty Parsons. I would like to post the whole interview on my blog (with credit and a link to you). It’s just fascinating! I wish I had been able to get to your gallery to see the show of Betty Parson’s work in February, but the snow made it just too difficult. Perhaps I’ll get there next time.

    Thanks again,


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